Middleham was once known as ‘the Windsor of the North’ because of the frequent visits of monarchs and nobles to Middleham Castle and home to Richard III in 1471. It is a picturesque dale town with its own Castle, Parish church, and charming market square surrounded by local pubs, restaurants, shops and the most stunning landscape. Middleham today derives much of its prosperity from the... read more

Middleham Castle

Middleham Castle can be admired quite a distance away as you approach Middleham. Located close to the town square and minute walk from Middleham House, the Castle represents one of the town’s main historic legacies and attractions. Special events are organised during the summer months suitable for children and adults. Middleham Castle was built around 1170 by Robert Fitzrandolph (grandson... read more

Racehorse Training

Middleham is thought to be the ‘Newmarket’ of Yorkshire due to its famous racing yards. There have been racehorses trained in Middleham for over 200 years on the High Moors. The last race was held on the Moor in June 1873, the High Moor is subsequently only used for training. Today, visitors can admire several strings of racehorses passing by daily making their way to the gallops on the low... read more

The Rivers

The River Cover is walking distance from Middleham House while the River Ure a few minute drive away, providing guests with wonderful walks and outings. You can find countless scenic spots for picnics and BBQ’s. Moreover, it is home to some exceptional fly fishing for trout and grayling. As you breast the hill from the house you are exposed to the vast beauty of the area descending into the... read more

The Dales

Middleham House lies at the very heart of the Yorkshire Dales National Park, in Wenseleydale between Coverdale and Swaledale. Responding sensitively to the changing seasons, the Dales are a special place whatever time of year. From early July, the bright colour bell heather can be seen and soon followed by the paler cross-leaved heath. From mid August vast swathes of the Dales turn purple as... read more

St. Akelda’s Church, Middleham

St. Akelda’s Church, located next to Middleham House, is charming and built around 1280. The church is open to visitors, whilst wedding and christening services at the church would be at the discretion of the Rector of Middleham. There is varied services every Sunday and the church yard can be accessed through the garden door of Middleham House. There are other beautiful churches within the... read more