Racehorse Training

Middleham is thought to be the ‘Newmarket’ of Yorkshire due to its famous racing yards. There have been racehorses trained in Middleham for over 200 years on the High Moors. The last race was held on the Moor in June 1873, the High Moor is subsequently only used for training. Today, visitors can admire several strings of racehorses passing by daily making their way to the gallops on the low moor.

Middleham today is a modern center of horse racing and home to the Middleham Trainers’ Association and several well know racehorse trainers including Mark Johnston, Ben Haslam and James Bethell. The first racehorse trainer to train at Middleham was Issac Cape in 1765.

Currently there are some fifteen training establishments, with good modern facilities it continues to prosper as a leading training center in the UK.